path to inkstitch

in inkscape select your paths open the Fill and Stroke pane: 1 Ctrl + Shift + F open the Fill and Stroke panel:select the dashed line under stroke style 2 Extentions > Ink/Stitch > Params select allmake sure the Method…

inkcut extention

an inkscape extention An free and open source application for controlling 2D plotters, cutters, engravers, and 2D CNC machines. Inkcut includes an extension for Inkscape which allows the user to send graphics drawn in Inkscape to a cutter, plotter, or…

shutter encoder

encode HAP format amongst many other formats : – Without conversion:Cut without re-encoding, Replace audio, Rewrap, Conform, Merge, Extract, Subtitling, Video inserts – Sound conversions:WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, AC3, OPUS, OGG, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD – Editing…


is a tiltbrush fork an experimental mode build with two extra features:1. Post-processing effects that change the appearance of your entire scene.2. Multiuser support: multiple people can paint at the same time and use voice chat in realtime.


A web framework for building 3D/AR/VR experiencesMake 3D worlds with HTML and Entity-ComponentOn any headset, mobile and desktop go to site

open brush

Open Brush is a derivative made from the open source code of Tilt Brush, a room-scale 3D-painting virtual-reality application available from Google


Create your own Tilt Brush experienceThe open source archive of the Tilt Brush code can be found here.For tools to extend your art, here are additional open source libraries

import ply as verts

download zip from github – will NOT work in Blender 4 onwards locate the Io_mesh_ply folder in your current BLENDER replace the “import_ply.py” with newer one and restart Blender File > Import > Standford PLY(.ply) Shading > start a new…

drawingbot v3

DrawingBotV3 is a software for converting images to stylised drawings with many applications including Pen Plotter Art, Digital Artwork, Image/Video Stylisation, NFT Creation, Embroidery and Graphic Design. With an intuitive User Interface allowing both Beginners and Advanced users to create…


Not to be confused with Fluorescence. An inflorescence is a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem that is composed of a main branch or a complicated arrangement of branches.[1] Morphologically, it is the modified part of the…

Export OBJ with texture in  Blender

select the object > File > External Data > Pack Ressources (status feedback at the bottom) File > Export > Wavefront.objenable Grouping >Object GroupsMaterial GroupsVertex Groups press “Export Wavefront OBJ” the diffuse map is now in the OBJ file with…


Quote:This project was developed as part of a TU Vienna Bachelor thesis on the use of L-systems (Lindenmayer systems) inside of the open source 3D computer graphics software Blender, based on the open source Python library L-Py by Boudon et…

Olivio Sarikas

His youtube-channel has lots of good tips and tricks for using Stable Diffuion models


Paid software for Mac, Windows and Linux Whereas LaserGRBL is restricted to Windows, LightBurn can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it’s available to everyone. It’s also compatible with Ruida, Marlin, Trocen, TopWisdom and other laser CNC controllers,…


LaserGRBL is an open-source laser engraver software for Windows that’s completely free to download and use.   LaserGRBL has some really useful features, such as the jogging feature that allows you to manually position the laser head with two sliders to…

laserweb 4

The fourth iteration of this software, LaserWeb 4 is a free program that’s used for controlling your laser cutter based on your design.  One feature that makes this laser engraver software particularly useful is that you can import multiple files in different formats into…


a web-ui for your stable diffussion models current version 07-23 is 1.4.1 some good extentions:


midjourney is a text-prompt based AI, where you can generate anything you can think of current version is 5.2 – accessed on the discord server is a paid solution


Attaching the gauze to the paper pattern is called “Syabari” in Japanese, but how to do that? The paper pattern (Stencil paper) used for Katazome (Stencil dyeing) has to be covered with gauze on the front to prevent tearing when…


“Kakishibu” is a traditional Japanese dye/paint of deep amber color which comes from unripe persimmons that have been fermented and aged for more than 2 years. Recently, Kakishibu has been recognized as a great alternative to synthetic colors by more…


Pattern paper made from Japanese paper “Washi” coating Persimmon juice “Kakishibu”・We recommend using an Aluminum frame and Tetoron Gauze to help resist paste dyeing. How to attach the Gauze onto Shibugami is explained here. (Syabari)


Wonderful inspirational cool guys Entagma creates advanced tutorials for procedural design using mainly SideFX Houdini. Geometry Nodes Course


Katazome is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil, typically a rice flour mixture applied with a brush or a tool such as a palette knife. Unlike yūzen, stencils are used repeatedly to…

snap! 8

major update to snap! lots of updated libraries and other goodies


french for stencil, but using slow drying ink enables colors and patterns to mix in quite amazing ways best with printing inks


trace print stamp cut * a VERY versatile technique spontaneous Monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. The surface, or matrix, was historically a copper etching plate, but in contemporary work…


stenciling, in the visual arts, a technique for reproducing designs by passing ink or paint over holes cut in cardboard or metal onto the surface to be decorated. Stencils were known in China as early as the 8th century, and…


meshroom is free open-source software that convert a batch of photos to a 3d-mesh some cleaning will prob have to be done in programms like Blender or XXX  


a quick improvisatorical and very versatile technique also in combination with printed matter

tello drone

programmable 3d environment – to make your 3Dimentional ideas come to life, using a mini drone and block software on the ipad

non toxic intaglio

Vi skal kunne tåle at arbejde med de grafiske processer i mange år uden at forurene hverken os selv eller naturen unødigt. Alle gammeldags teknikker med opløsningsmidler er erstattet af giftfrie miljøbevidste akryl-alternativer, som faktisk ofte giver endnu flere muligheder.…


no matter what method you use, it is an invaluable tool to increase your perception and also training your generel eye for details, angles and


the "blue print" for later photography, this 1850s technique is rather chaotic to use but fun


a fantastic tool when you own an iPad – and of course even better if you have the pencil too cheap, good with images and even a little 3D painting