handbook of non-toxic intaglio

by henrik bøegh
117 pages – 133 illustrations
ISBN 978-87-987757-6-8

This is a handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio. The book can be read in its entirety and thus provide a survey of the subject, but it is also able to serve as a reference book with easily found solutions to specific problems. All working processes in connection with the application and use of acrylic resists, photopolymer film, solar plates and etching have been thoroughly described and illustrated.

As a supplement to the handbook itself there are four appendixes:

The first of which describes the transition to the non-toxic studio for those who want to change or expand the existing studio so as to apply the new techniques.

The second appendix contains an introduction to digital imaging for those who wish to learn how to prepare computer-generated stencils for photo polymer gravure and etchings.

The third appendix describes the intaglio printing process for those who wish to make their own prints without having any experience beforehand.
The fourth appendix describes all working techniques involved in applying acrylic etching grounds on zinc plates and explains how to etch zinc safely.

Throughout my entire research in this field, it has been my clear objective to limit the materials to the lowest possible number with the highest possible efficiency. I have also striven to create practical and affordable solutions to the problem of finding the necessary equipment for the various processes – and, needless to say, these solutions have had to meet the very strictest demands of the professional printmaker.

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